Construction Service and Methods

Contracting Methods

Because of our varied background and our unique relationship with Browning Investments, Browning Construction can approach projects from the perspective of the Owner, Architect and Contractor. With this mindset, we prepare a highly customized plan for every project using a variety of contracting methods.


Construction Management

Browning Construction provides professional services to assist in the planning, design, and construction of your real estate project. Our services ensure the project schedule, budget, and quality exceeds the Owner's expectations.


Agency Construction Management

Owner contracts directly with the subcontractors and hires Browning Construction to be its agent to enforce the Owner/Subcontractor contracts and to ensure the subcontractors work adheres to the design and construction documents. Browning provides technical expertise to the Owner throughout the process, from site selection and design, through construction completion. Under this arrangement, the Browning does not guarantee the construction cost or schedule. This form of contract is also often times referred to as an Owner's Representative.


At-Risk Construction Management

Owner contracts with Browning Construction to construct its project whereby Browning has both financial and schedule risk for the proper completion of the Owner's project. Browning acts as a consultant to the Owner during the pre-construction phase of the project (design and development) and the equivalent of a General Contractor during the construction phase of the project.


General Contractor

This contract approach first includes Browning Construction at the point of bidding. The Owner hires an architect to design the building and to prepare the construction documents for bidding. Browning's services start with the hard bid selection process and continue through the completion of the project. Browning has responsibility for both the construction cost and schedule of the project.



In the design/build process, the Owner contracts with Browning Construction to provide not only the construction services, but also the architectural and engineering services. Even though these additional services are contracted through Browning, the Owner still has significant say in the design of the project through in-depth communication and coordination with Browning. As with the At-Risk Construction Manager, the Design/Build contractor has the responsibility for both the construction cost and schedule of the project.



Browning Construction provides construction management and Owner technical representation services for new construction, renovation, shell construction, and tenant improvement projects. We specialize in commercial office, industrial, office/warehouse, build-to-suit, specialty, and tenant improvement projects. Due to the vast background and experience of the people at Browning, we are able to provide the Owner with a multitude of professional services during pre-construction, construction, and post-construction. We manage a project from the perspective of the Owner, Architect, and Contractor to deliver a successful project for the Owner.


Pre-Construction Services

  • Design input
  • Value engineering
  • Project responsibility matrix
  • Coordination of the project approval process
  • Document review and coordination
  • Project scheduling
  • Cost estimating


Construction Services

  • Bid process and evaluation
  • Subcontractor selection
  • Contract prepration
  • Schedule control
  • Cost control (construction cost tracking)
  • Quality control
  • Safety program
  • On-site field supervision


Post-Construction Services

  • Punch list completion
  • Equipment and systems commissioning and training
  • Warranty coordination
  • Project close-out documentation


Project Delivery

Regardless of the project we’re assigned or the services we’re providing, Browning is committed to delivering the best possible value for the budget. Armed with extensive resources and strong vendor relationships, we know how to work productively with owners, architects and all members of the planning team throughout each stage of development, design and construction. To do this, we adhere to a structured project delivery system guiding site selection, land planning, facility design, budgeting and construction management processes. The result is a customized plan for every client that maximized efficiency and effectiveness.